Arriving and departing


Reception opening hours


The Il Centro reception desk is staffed 7 days/week. Please feel free to come and see us, or phone us by pressing the ‘front desk’ button on your bedside phone, between the following times:


  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm

  • Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 2pm


If you require assistance outside these hours, Il Centro operates an After Hours reception service. Simply press the ‘front desk’ button on your phone to be connected.


Your key


Your key (and connected white tag) will:


  • Unlock your room door

  • Unlock the front entrance/lobby doors

  • Enable apartment lights and air conditioning (when tag is inserted into its holder)


Ensure you carry your room key with you whenever you go out, as the lobby doors will be locked whenever the front desk is not staffed.


If you do forget your key and are locked out, press the red button located on the pillar next to the front door to be connected to the After Hours Service. For security reasons, you will be asked to identify yourself – your name and room number – before being granted access to the apartment complex. 


Car park entrance


The car park security gate is operated via remote control (available at reception for an $80 deposit). Pressing the button on the remote, within a distance of approximately 10 metres, will immediately open the gates. For safety reasons, please restrict access through these gates to motorised vehicles only. Pedestrian access through these gates is potentially dangerous.


After hours check-in


If you have arrived outside reception opening hours, please visit reception in the morning to complete the full check-in process with our staff.


Check out


Check out is at 10am. Please be prepared to settle your account if you haven’t already done so. We accept most card types (excluding American Express and Diners). If you plan to leave when the reception is not manned then please make arrangements with reception to settle your account beforehand.


Your Apartment


Lounge area


  • Sofabed in the lounge area is comfortable and spacious as either a sofa or a bed. Remove the cushions to reveal the instructions for set-up. If you require assistance in setting up, please call reception.

  • TV and Foxtel: the TV is easy to operate and includes all free-to-air channels, plus seven popular Foxtel channels (including Fox Sports and Fox Movies). The drawer under the TV contains a Foxtel TV guide and detailed instructions pamphlet on how to operate the TV.

  • Eating area: we only ask that the place mats are used to protect the table surface.




  • Wardrobe: please make use of the ample wardrobe and shelf space. This makes it easier for our housekeeping staff to quickly and thoroughly change linen and clean.

  • Linen: Should you require extra bedding, please ask at reception.

  • Phone: 




  • Convection oven: depending on the setting you choose, the appliance can grill, bake, microwave, or be used as an oven. Read the detailed instructions manual for more information on the settings.

  • Fridge/freezer: the fridge and freezer have been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival and are ready for storage.

  • Hobs: the two hobs operate on a simple 1 – 5 dial system (5 being the hottest setting and 1 being the lowest). Please switch the fan to ‘high’ setting whenever you are cooking as steam and smoke can off set the fire alarm.

  • Utensils: as Il Centro is a self-catering accommodation, you will find all necessary cooking equipment in the corner cupboard, under the microwave, and in the top drawer next to the sink. If there is anything else you need, please phone reception.




  • Smoking: an ash tray can be found next to the television in your room. Please close the balcony doors when you are smoking.

  • Security: ensure that your balcony door is bolted at the bottom of the door when you leave your apartment.

  • Noise: please be respectful to other guests by keeping the noise to a minimum after 10pm.




  • Shower/bath: steam and fire alarm.

  • Hair dryer: you will find a hairdryer in the cupboard underneath the sink.

  • Towels: you will find two new bath towels, as well as a hand towel, upon arrival. If you are staying with us for an extended period and would like fresh towels, please leave the towels on the floor. This way the cleaners will know to replace them for you.

  • Washing machine/dryer: all bathrooms contain a washing machine and a dryer. Detailed operating instruction can be found next to the machines. Please ensure that you keep the dryer fan pointed down at all times; excessive heat can cause the fire alarm to go off if pointed upwards. 


General Areas


Swimming pool (opening hours: 7am – 7:30pm)


All guests are encouraged to enjoy and make full use of the swimming pool and its surrounding areas. All we ask – considering there is no lifeguard − is that children are accompanied by an adult, and glasses and bottles are kept outside the pool area. 


If you are having a BBQ in the pool area, please tidy the area and clean the BBQ before you leave.


Guest lounge


Relax in the air-conditioned guest lounge on level one, at any time. Enjoy the music, read magazines, and pick up discount vouchers. We keep a selection of magazines, such as Mens Fitness, Wheels, Uniview, as well as discount vouchers for local restaurants and tours.




Please refrain from smoking in the elevator. Do not load with excessive weight.


Car park


Once you have paid the deposit for the remote control (allowing security gate access), you will have full access to the undercover, secure car park in the Il Centro complex. You may park in any of the bays, unless they are marked ‘reserved’.


Guests are reminded that use of the gate is exclusively for motorized transport access and not pedestrian access. The management would be grateful if guests could adhere to this rule, as it the wrong use of it is a possible safety concern


Guest Services




Your apartment has been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. During your stay, the housekeeping staff will visit daily in order to carry out general cleaning duties and dispose of rubbish. The staff will also change your linen twice/week.


All guests are reminded that a reasonable level of tidiness should be maintained. We would be grateful if guests could do their own washing up and laundry, as these are not the cleaners’ responsibilities.


Wireless Internet Connection


All guest apartments have wifi capabilities. Follow these instructions to gain internet access:


  • Visit reception to receive your free 7-day wireless internet vouchers

  • On your laptop, bring up a list of the wireless networks within range.

  • Connect to ‘IL CENTRO HOTSPOT’.

  • Open your web browser (this should direct you to login page)

  • Enter the login  details from your voucher (incl. login letters and password)

  • Allow all pop-ups in your browser and you should now have internet access.


For assistance, please visit reception.


Gourmet delivery service


  • Open 7 days/week

  • 5pm – 9pm


You will find a Gourmet Deliveries menu attached to your fridge door. Gourmet Deliveries is a fast, reliable, and well-priced service that delivers food directly to your apartment, from some of the best restaurants in town. To order, visit www.gourmetdeliveries.com.au, or phone 4051 9399.


Transport and Travel




The Cairns city bus timetable can be found on www.sunbus.com.au. Alternatively, our receptionists can assist you in searching for bus times, prices, and destinations.




Our reception staff are more than happy to call for a taxi to pick you up directly outside the hotel. Alternatively, you might want to travel in a slightly more unorthodox way by jumping in one of the city’s many bicycle taxis.


Airport Service


Coach shuttle service running regularly from the city to the internatonal airport. Advise reception on when you would like to be picked up from the hotel, and they will arrange for a front door pick-up. The fare is approximately $10 for adults and $5 dollars for children.


Location and Things to do


The following establishments are based on the management’s recommendations. Il Centro is not affiliated with any of the organisations listed below.




Fancy diving with turtles and sharks on the Great Barrier Reef? Or maybe trekking in the world’s oldest rainforest is more your thing? Il Centro is a fully accredited tour-booking agency, with knowledgeable staff who know the area, and all there is to know about the myriad of tours on offer. Come and have a chat!




Cairns is awash with restaurants and cafes; from takeaways and fast food chains, to the very best in fine dining, there is something for everyone. The Esplanade strip – only a 10-minute walk from Il Centro − offers a variety of well-priced eateries and a food court. 


The Pier offers a more upmarket experience.  


Business centres


  • Convention Centre: this internationally recognised centre is located just a few doors down the road from Il Centro, on Sheridan Street.

  • Cairns Courthouse – located directly opposite the hotel

  • Cairns Police Station – located directly opposite the hotel




  • 165 – 171 Esplanade




  • Terry White Chemist, Cairns Central




  • One Fitness etc


Post Office


  • The Post Office is located next to Il Centro


Religious centres 


  • Cairns Baptist Church (138-142 Lake Street), 




  • Cairns Central shopping mall is located one block from Il Centro. The mall contains a variety of supermarkets, including Coles  and Bi Lo, as well as a food court, a cinema, and various retail outlets. 

  • Woolworths supermarket is located on Abbott Street.


Bottle shops 


  • 1st choice, Sheridan Street.

  • Liquor Land next to Woolworths. 

  • Cellarbrations next to Cairns Central. 

  • Shield Street Cellars




  • The Pullman Hotel Casino – food, drink, and 


Security and Emergency Procedures


Secure your apartment, safeguard your possessions


Ensure that you shut and lock both the balcony door and your room door whenever you leave you apartment. Your room door will not lock automatically, so make sure to twist the lock on the inside door handle before closing. Always check that your door is locked before leaving.


Il Centro takes no responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen personal possessions. 


Luggage Storage


If you have any luggage that you would like stored during your stay, Il Centro has a secure storage room for this purpose.

Emergencies and Evacuations (Fire procedure can also be found on room doors)


  • At the first sign of a fire (hearing the alarm, seeing smoke or flames), contact reception immediately

  • If the alarm is sounding, please stay in your apartment until further notice from reception. Whilst a thorough investigation is being carried out, please ensure that your balcony door and front door are both closed.

  • If there is a need to evacuate the building, the management will make an announcement to the whole building. If the evacuation procedure is initiated, calmly exit your apartment and follow the emergency exit signs. DO NOT USE THE LIFT/ELEVATOR.

  • There are two emergency exits. If you descend using the fire stairs then you will be guided to one of the two fire escapes. Please leave a clear passageway, and shut any doors that you open.

  • Meet at assembly point – atrium area of courthouse.

  • Follow instructions of fire officer

  • Do not, under any circumstances, re-enter the building until the management allows it.

The following compendium was written for IL Centro Hotel

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