The Clubmates Commitment


The Clubmates Commitment forms the core of our business, and it exists for a number of crucial reasons: it guides our staff on a daily basis; it instills confidence in our passengers and their families and friends; and it ensures that we deliver a consistent, high-quality service from the first phone call to the last leg of the holiday. 


The following list represents the promises that have elevated Clubmates Travel to the top of the supported disability travel industry. These promises have built the successful framework which has kept passengers coming back to us year after year.




  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable booking agents will answer your calls during business hours

  • Travel agents will respond to all questions and enquiries

  • Agents will always speak to potential passengers with respect and inform them truthfully about Clubmates holidays

  • Booking staff will make suggestions when appropriate – taking into account passengers' interests, wishes, and disabilities − in order to book each passenger on the best possible holiday

  • The Clubmates website will always be kept up-to-date. Holidays will be added to the site, with correct dates and pricing information, as soon as they are finalised. Any changes or special offers will be published on the website as soon as possible.


During the holiday


  • The Clubmates Crew will keep each holiday as flexible as possible. If there’s something that the group wants to do, every effort will be made to facilitate that activity.

  • All medication and spending money will administered and distributed by qualified members of the crew, as arranged before the holiday.

  • Appropriate measures and precautions will be implemented to make every holiday as safe as it possibly can be.

  • Each passenger will receive the support they need, but will always have their privacy and dignity respected.

  • Every activity on the itinerary will be completed, unless exceptional circumstances make it unsafe to do so.

  • Accommodation will always be comfortable, safe, and well-located.

  • Meals will be professionally prepared during the holiday. Any allergies or preferences will always be taken into account.


After the holiday


  • Passengers will be informed of the Clubmates points they have accumulated, which can be used for discounts on future holidays.

  • Staff will respond to any complaints, and a resolution will be sought in every case.

  • All feedback will be reviewed to identify the best parts of our holidays and to see where improvement is needed.

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